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Challenging the Online Payment Service with Credovo.

Teconica selects Juniper Networks and Infradata as its network partner.

Bringing rural Africa into the digital age with new partners.


Our team delivers innovative, creative and rigorous solutions to provide confidence for our clients.


We work and grow with clients of all sizes to deliver appropriate, cost-effective solutions.


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Teconica Cloud Platform

Migrate and innovate all aspects of your business in our definitive cloud platform.

Implementing SaaS

Accelerate your journey to the cloud by deploying the right practices in a cloud-first initiative.

World-class Technology Operations.

We help companies reduce cost and maximise support for business acceleration by modernising IT infrastructure and applications.

Our services cover all areas of your business, from automation and infrastructure to application development, maintenance and testing.


Ensuring regulatory compliance and readiness for your company to build loyalty and customer trust.


Accelerate for transformation through cloud-based deployments through secure and confident solutions.

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With solutions covering industries from gaming & entertainment to finance & banking, we provide bespoke solutions to cover your business challanges and give you the upper hand.

Public Sector

Learn how Teconica can enhance technology practises, protect critical services and reduce cost.


Adapting the communications, media and entertainment industries to solve today's challenges