Teconica is a dynamic company
for technology consultancy and services.

Teconica provides solutions around pre-existing software and solutions while also providing innovative new products and services. Teconica monitors the forefront of new technologies to ensure our service stays ahead of the curve, no matter the industry, allowing us to be proactive rather than reactive.

Associated Brands

Wifinitive is apart of the Teconica family and provides data centre colocation and connectivity services.

Asanti is a part of the Teconica family and provides data centre consultancy and colocation services.

Teconica supports our clients globally to help adapt to new innovation and transform their business in the digital age. Teconica prides ourselves on our foundation beliefs. These act as the driving force behind the company and ensure we maintain our corporate responsibilities.

Safe, enjoyable workspaces for our employees. We aim to maintain employee independence and uniqueness, and provide options for work environments to keep our employees happy.
Privacy and Security of our customers and employees is paramount. When clients trust us with their projects and data, we maintain that respect to the highest level possible.
We operate on an open-door policy, and transparency for all our employees is incredibly important.
Our employees work for the betterment of our clients, we aim to provide a quality, consistent service.
Identifying individual customer or employee needs and truly understanding them allows us to provide the best service possible.
Work/Life balance is important, we want our employees to work hard, but also play hard.

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