Teconica specialises in bespoke applications for financial, entertainment and education.

Comprehensive Data Analysis

TeconicaADMâ„¢ is our bespoke application development lifecycle that utilises mature
processes to ensure our offerings for a wide range of requirements.

We provide a complete solution for your project, including UI / UX flows, project
management and delivery alongside cloud deployments. Upon completion Teconica
also offers maintenance and sustainable development solutions to ensure your
application stays ahead.

Teconica ensures continuous modernisation and customer-focused development to ensure we can support your business growth with our digital transformation and innovation.

Case Study

LearnKit, providing Zimbabwe with an exciting education
platform to save thousands of work-hours annually with teacher assessment grading and student progression.

LearnKit utilises AI to increase the difficulty of questioning to assist teachers in truly
understanding student ability, providing extra support for areas where understanding is lacking, and challenging them in areas they excel.

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