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Sustainable cloud strategy

Legacy IT systems still play a large part of business operations, with cloud deployments used for edge deployments. This slows innovation as adoption is slowed by an undefined drive for cloud deployment. The transformation to a cloud-first approach alongside the migration of applications tot he cloud delivers greater IT performance, improves agility and flexibility and allows for greater adaptation and disruption.

Teconica can work with you to develop a Cloud Roadmap based around real-world business cases and objectives. With a track record of cloud-based products and services, Teconica is a proven player in the Digital Transformation industry.

Our process

Develop a business case

We use this to create the ideal end goals. We also identify cost analysis during this stage to ensure viability.

Cloud Roadmap

Detailed journey map through all options and activities needed to deliver pre-defined goals.

Cloud Transformation

Identify the organisational changes and skills required for a successful deployment.

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