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Effective review strategies

The decision and strategy used to decide whether applications can be migrated effectively to the cloud involves continuous improvements or rigorous overhauls. From minor changes to complete re-writes, Teconica works with you to plan out a transition that minimises impact to employees and maximises value with high visibility and quick ROI.

Proof of Concepts

Teconica works to provide the initial path to migrate workloads.

Cloud Suitability

Select applications to be migrated to a software-as-a-service solution.

Infrastructure Selection

Deciding between a cloud provider (AWS, GCP, Kompute) or a self-hosted IaaS solution.

Business Cases

Working with you to provide a financially rational proposal.

Cloud-First Portfolios

We collaborate with our clients to help deliver a cloud-first strategy that works within thier specifications. We work with global conglomerates to utilise application characteristics, data gathering and ranking to provide bespoke application analysis.

We worked with global conglomerates to help design and offer a more responsive version of Openstack using our open source service Servoid. This increases IT effectiveness by reducing the amount of overhead used by Openstack, and brought initial deployment times from days to minutes.

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